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After a week in hell, drowning myself in coffee, burying my head under a heap of crap crap crapy textbooks that are just worse than shit, it's finally OVERRRR! ALL SEVEN EXAMS checked and probably more than well done. Efforts do pay off I guess. However, it's at the expense of my poor vision. Wondering just how small an Asian's eye can get... Probably not much longer, i'm gonna need tapes for my eyes. No big deal, fine by me =D I'll just scare the hell out of my friends.

Speaking of friends, a female friend of mine have asked her boyfriend this question, and I quote "If i am a guy, would u turn gay for me?" As PASSIONATELY described by her, he said "yes...." after 5 mins of LONG and HARD thinking. WOW that questions made me laugh, HARD. He's obviously telling a white lie cuz come on, people don't TURN gay, they ARE gay or otherwise. But hey, if that made her smile and had a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, why not right?

What's more is that her question made me question myself: If my lover(not just a casual gf or bf, but someone I really wanna devote my life to) turned into the opposite sex, would i still love her(him in this case) all the same? I have heard some people claim that heterosexuals love the shell whereas homosexuals love the soul. But to me, sadly, thats simply not true. For i know my answer is NO, i wont. I guess sexual orientation, for its implication, does merely come down to just which sex you wanna have sex with, or both.

Tell me if i'm being shallow or if others would answer the same, cuz i'm really curious about it.


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I've also had the exam week

I've also had the exam week from hell!It feels great to be finished too!Also im not too sure what my answer would be for your question *ponders*

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Thats a really hard

Thats a really hard question. I honestly don't know. I think it would really hurt to have that happen. It sounds weird, but to have the person you love ripped from you that way. If you can't make the switch, and I don't think I could, I think that would be one of the hardest things I'd have to go through. How do you do that? Like, I would like to be able to still support them through this time in their life, and still be in a relationship, even if its one thats not sexual in nature, but I'm not sure if I could do that. Thats a really hard question.

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This reminds me of the Benjamin Button movie I just saw... because it tries to be this whole tale of living your life to the fullest and such, but at the end of the day I agree with Roger Ebert who in his review said, you can't learn anything about your life from someone whose life has different rules (Benjamin Button is born an old man and gets younger throughout the movie).

So, similarly, what would I do if my significant other changed genders? Like, not trans, but one day was a woman? Not going to happen, so nothing to answer. If someone asked me that, I'd immediately say yes, of course. Easy to agree to things that'll never come up again....

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I figured I shouldnt have put it better, since u guys have put much emphasis on the transition part. Maybe I'm not being realistic and all, oh well =P. What I meant to ask was, if the person had magically turned or just born as an oppsite sex, doesn't matter, but still the same person, would you still feel attracted to the same way? Just saying, what if? LOL