I'm going to move out for a little while

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ok so i'm thinking of moving in with my sister for a little while. like, only a couple of days. just because things suck here at home. i dont think ive ever felt so uncomfortable in my own home. my mother is just treating me so differently. part of me feels like im being over sensitive, but still, she never used to be a bitch. she just picks at everything i do, nothing is good enough. it feels as though her problems with me being gay are spilling over into everything else.

so i'm considering moving out for just a few days, to give us both a bit of space.


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oh my gosh, me too!

i feel exactly the same way. ever since i came out to my parents, its been nothing but yelling and fights. the other day my mom was telling me something wasnt good enough and i yelled back "WHEN IS ANYTHING GOOD ENOUGH?!". i cant stand my home either. sometimes at school i start to feel sick whne i realize i have to leave. yes, id rather be at school sometimes because otherwise my parents are there to try and make me perfect. they tell me im too young for everything...to know im gay, even to know what back pain is like (ive had back pain since maybe the beg. of july and my mom says im too young to know back pain so i cant get it checked out). would it be weird for me to ask somoene else if i can stay with them?

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well i'm lucky that i have a

well i'm lucky that i have a supportive older sister that is willing to open her home to me, even if it's just for a little while. do you have a close friend that would do the same? cos that wouldn't be weird, i've practically lived at friends' houses before.

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i have some friends that

i have some friends that might let me, though i dont know. theres this one woman who is like a mother to me that im thinking of asking but how? what if she says no?

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You have like 10 billions

You have like 10 billions jobs right, would you consider/ could you afford actually getting a room somewhere? Because I've only been living back home for a month and it's doing my head in, and I get on really well with my family.

Anyway, have a nice stay with your sister!