I'm Sick

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No, like seriously, like I haven't gone to school at all this week. I'm on steroids, cough medicine, and albuterol. Woot. I'm having so much not fun. I'm watching TV, while my GPA goes down the drain. I can't do anything. Like, it hurts to breathe, so I pretty much just sit here all day, feeling sorry for myself. I'm watching Veronica Mars. I love that show. I'm watching the episode with all the queer kids. Its really cool. Actually, its funny, the site that they made up for the show sounds alot like oasis. Its funny. Thats what made me want to log on. I'm not actually used to logging on anymore. You know, out of practice or something. Anyway, I feel like crap, so I'm going to go try to sleep it off. Bye, hope life doesn't suck for all of you guys.


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NOOOOO!!! =( ::hugs and

NOOOOO!!! =(
::hugs and drugs::

Veronica Mars will definitely cure what ails ya. Buffy may be better, though... go watch some gay Buffy! Or, like, cute gay movies! South of Nowhere! Gay out!! WHEE!!

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