I'm so excited!

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I just had to share this with all you guys - my first review from a mainstream Kids/Young Adult book review site, "Curled Up with a Good Kids Book". I am proud to say it's pretty much a rave. Another step closer to reaching the mainstream Young Adult market. Yay!!! Check it out, yo!


Hehe. I'm kind of giddy. It's been while since I got a new book review anyway, but particularly one so awesome. I've seen my Amazon sales going up all month and didn't know why. This may be why. WooT!!

Hugs all,


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Congrats!!! Hey have you

Hey have you ever heard of the YABC (young adult book central) website... might be able to get someone on there to review it... i know a ton of people go on there.
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Thanks DH! I hadn't heard of

Thanks DH! I hadn't heard of that one, but will definitely pursue it. I was a bit nervous about courting the mainstream YA market at first, but now that time has passed, and I have a bit more confidence in my work (and lots of great feedback from young readers), I'm ready to deal with any controversy it might generate. After reading Obama's GLBT platform on the White House's updated website (or more accurately, having it read to me on TV by frightened, angry homophobes), I believe the time has come to push hard, while we have a president who (if one can fully trust anyone in politics) is actually on our side. I know, I know...crazy talk from someone as conservative as I am, but I just think it's an opportunity that's too good to squander. I think we're all going to experience a hell of a backlash, but there always is one when you're trying to push through social changes that challenge deep and long-standing prejudices.


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Rock On!

I hope this trend continues.

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Yay Congratulations Pat

Yay Congratulations Pat =]

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