I'm tired

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I'm so freaking tired. I don't even know why, I slept almost all day. I woke up at like 11:34 and its only 10:03 now, so I haven't even been up for twelve hours yet. And yet I am completely exhausted. I'm falling asleep watching Friends. How hard is it to do that? I mean, like they have a new plot line every three seconds, how do I even have time fall asleep? I know, its not quality, but sometimes its fun to just watch mindless stuff. After watching Veronica Mars all day, I'm starting to be kinda bitchy. I mean the meds I'm on doesn't make it any better. Okay, so moving on . . .

I'm going crazy on this site, like I'm on all day, and its sort of overwhelming. Wow, I'm really pathetic right now. I can't do anything, so instead I just sit here and watch TV. So I started a forum about gender and orientation, and it made me so happy when people actually responded. I mean in the past I'd sort of gotten the response of 'oh really? Thats nice . . .'. Well that was really annoying. Its really cool that I found out that some other queer people are actually on this site. YAY!!!!

Oh and someone messed with the settings on my computer, so now I have a screen that would be really nice if I was half blind. Ok, so I'm sort of bitchy so I'm going to go now. Bye. Wow, I've ended the same way the past three entries. Ok, well I'm going to go sleep now.