it's hooooooooooooooooooot

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It's 94 degrees right now! Freakin Cali heatwave sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow,did you guys see Bob get pissed off at Joelle on The Biggest Loser last night(even though I'm watching it now)? Wow!


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Or it could be -25 out like

Or it could be -25 out like it is here now...

Just some food for thought :)

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-10 F here... -15 tomorrow

-10 F here...
-15 tomorrow night...

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Hmm,I'd rather have cold

Hmm,I'd rather have cold weather than hot.I can always put more clothes on....

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You are so lucky it is

You are so lucky it is warm... not quite as cold as what Maas said. But I'm in Missouri. So I know that it could be worse. It's suppose to be 2 degrees F tonight. And I don't much look forward to that.

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hm, I'm glad I'm not where

hm, I'm glad I'm not where you are. I love the cold.
((Though at 6:30 am, struggling across the windblown Delaware Tundra for a cup of coffee is NOT my favorite thing.))

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