Life's little disappointments

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Okay, so I've been in a weird cooking mood lately. I think its cause I have a crush on a guy. So last night I made lentil stew which was amazing except for the fact that I put WAY too much red pepper flakes in an my dad isn't big on spicy things so he didn't like it as much as I did. So after dinner, we still had a bunch of leftover stew and he asked me to put some sugar in to counteract the spiciness. Because I'm a good person, I put 1/8 of a cup of sugar in and tasted it to make sure it wasn't too sweet. Guess what, it was too sweet. My dad seemed to like it though and so he'll be the one eating it.
Have any of you had those fruit and nut bars (no pun intended) from Costco? They're amazing. My dad's co-workers mother goes to Costco and when we went to her house to go cut down our Christmas tree she gave us a bunch and they were amazing and I got totally hooked. My dad and I don't go to Costco, though, since its just the two of us so I've been looking for something equivalent. At the store the other day, I found something that I thought might be similar to the good ones and bought one and it sucks. Its nothing like the other one. The other one is crunchy and salty and sweet an yummy but this one is soft and...blech, not even close to the same.
There's this guy I work with who I have a crush on. It sucks having a crush on someone of the opposite sex because there's also a girl I work with who I used to have a crush on when she was at my school but I know I don't have any possibility of a relationship with her but the guy...I might have a chance with and so I can't just let it go like I did with the girl.


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Granola Bars

I think I know what bars you're talking about... Are they Nature Valley? Because if they are, I must admit I'm also addicted to them. :P
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They aren't Nature Valley. They're, like, all natural with only honey, roasted nuts and the tropical ones (my favorite) have coconut, macadamia nuts, etc, and pineapple. Yum!

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i LOVE the nature valley

i LOVE the nature valley bars!!! the honey 'n' oats are my favorite snack! lol i'm totally addicted to them.

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