My super gay moment today....

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Was when I was watching a repeat of this game show Dog Eat Dog and got a crush on one of the contestants a REALLY cute girl:D She had these cool tattoos on her arms.....and I'm not usually that into tattoos like that but she was really Hott! He he....

Aggravating point of my day was when the bus driver drove right past me so I had to wait(Out in the cold) to catch the next bus for 20 minutes and ended up being 15 minutes late for the workshop. Fun....But the teacher was cool about it cause I called to let her know. Plus I'm THE only person who hasn't shown up late to one of the classes.

Hmmm....Another point of somewhat interest, I'm getting sick of this closet:/
It feels like it's getting smaller and smaller and I feel like I'm gonna explode or maybe implode one of these days.

I'm REALLY loving the band Lifehouse right now. They have some really awesome songs like "Everything" something about it gets to me, it almost gives me chills. It's weird, it's like, it gets inside of me. I need to feel that about someone, those lyrics. It's such a calm, neat song. It's my favourite song right now. Hmm....You know what's weirder? When I listened to it earlier and it really sank in, I thought "Maybe that would be a good song to dance to if I ever got married. The song that would play while I danced with that girl that I love more than anything else in this world(AKA. The girl I haven't met yet:P). Where I'd look into her eyes and we'd be close together dancing and everybody(Well, the non-homophobic friends and family) would be there watching us and maybe, just maybe they'd see that love that we feel for each other and they'd see that it's real and true" Yesmmm.....Lots of thinking, lol. I don't know if I'm ever going to married, at this point it's a who knows. But I'm a (Hopeless) romantic so once in a while these thoughts creep into my mind.


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*hug* about the closet. i

*hug* about the closet.

i know what you mean about that song (not THAT specific song, but one like it). melissa etheridge has one, I've Loved You Before, that i've often thought i'd want to be playing while i danced with the woman i'd marry (did that sentance even make sense?).

have'll find a woman to love...and maybe get your heart broken, but you'll find another, and another, until you find the right one (or you get a reputation as a slut, which is how i'm making you sound. sorry! :P). anyway, what i mean is, one day you'll look back at this, and remember that song, and find a recording of it, and dance to it with your wife.

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