No More Recycling

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Not your type of recycling, but I'm sick of recycled boyfriends.

A small group of us gay boys know each other, and we've pretty much gone out and reuse and recycled each other... and that sounds disgusting but it's true. Love triangle? More like a love megafuckingoctadecanonagon.

Today I was talking to one of them, and we haven't gone out - I thought it might happen - but then we both realised and decided NO. No more fucking recycling, we're just going to be good friends, laugh at each other's jokes, be there for each other and we'll find someone else. The curse has to be broken.

I refuse to be recycled trash.


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I have a love line segment.

I have a love line segment. That's it. And there's not a whole lot of recycling that happens in that line segment. In fact, it doesn't.

I'd much rather have your recycling polygon than this line segment.

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Yeah I remember the whole

Yeah I remember the whole "Have we slept together yet?" syndrome. When I used to live year-round in P-town, we used to do a lot of "recycling", since 90% of the people left in the winter. By the time the tourists came back, we were all like starving wolves watching the return of the caribou.


- Pat Nelson Childs
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Yes, recycled trash is no no

Yes, recycled trash is no no good. good for you for breaking that chain.