oh yeah...one more thing.

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so tomorrow i have a few choices to make. should i go mt biking w/ a friend who is driving up from portland to rip it up on seattle's best trails, or should i stay back here @ home in the middle of nowhere and go to the center w/ that friend who i finally came out to like four weeks back. I told C i would go to the center w/ him and get the pride foundation/ gsba apps for scholarships, but i am conflicted. I've been wanting to ride w/ R for months now, and i mean, he's coming up w/ the portland posse to shred the trails we built last summer! sooo conflicted on this one. and the big news in the last two weeks is i got sponsored by a huge, international mtb company and smith optics to ride for them in '09!

I dunno what I'm gonna do yet. I'd feel hella bad about not riding w/ R and crew, but the same would go for not going to the center w/ C! ahh, life is soooo confusing and full of conflicts! fuck! and work may end out getting in the way of that sponsership, which is huge for me too! dammit!


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Get the forms ASAP. Invite C to ride with your friends. All go riding. Fill them out Sunday.

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can't do it tho.

C's parents wouldn't let him just go to seattle, and it would be hella awkward, since i think C had a crush on me in the past. lol.

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I have found that the things

I have found that the things one does for others are usually more rewarding than the things one does for oneself, but that's just me.

This reminds me of that Brady Bunch episode where Marcia accidentally wound up with two dates on Friday night. She made the wrong choice, and is now burning in hell. Just kidding....sort of.

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Maybe go with the friend

Maybe go with the friend that is travelling to see you?thats probably what I do since he is putting so much effort into seeing you.

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