Older Men.

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There is a man at work who i find incredibley, INCREDIBLEY sexy. And he's 50. Moustache, beer gut, tattoos. I want to fuck him. We showered together last program we worked when we took the kids to the public swimming pool. Nothing suss, but extremely hot for me.
I'm not usually attracted to older guys, but he really gets my motor running. And there isn't anything that special about him... I don't really understand it. Maybe it's a subconsious thing of some kind. Anyone here study psychology?


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What one person finds sexy

What one person finds sexy about another is really largely intangible. Sometimes it's obvious; sometimes not. While many people have certain physical "types" that they are most attracted to, there are usually many exceptions. In fact, the more rigid you are about only being attracted to one particular look, age, body, etc., the closer you are to having some sort of obsession or neurosis, in my opinion. Things like individual attractions are formed by a million different associations and life experiences, so figuring out exactly why this dude cranks your shaft is probably an exercise in futility. Unless he's waiting for you to drop the soap next time you're in the shower together, I'd just add it to the fantasy file and enjoy it. You may never be attracted to another guy like that, or maybe you will. As long as you're not compulsively attracted to men who treat you like crap and mentally or physically abuse you, you're doing fine. I have found an astonishing number of totally different types of men attractive over the years, and it makes life much more interesting (and sex too), in my opinion.

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