Pig Dissections!

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On friday we started doing the pig dissection. I'm in an awesome group. My two group-mates don't want to touch anything, so I get to do all the cutting/pig dissecting. :). Plus it helps that one of my group members is a smokinhotbabe. Who apparently has no need for personal space since when I was cutting the pig open she was standing right next to me with the side of her face against mine. I'm weird in the way that I don't like giving hugs or anything to my family or most other people, but I crave physical contact from someone who would be more than a friend. I suppose.


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wicked!!! :D pig

wicked!!! :D pig dissections are AWESOME. and it's so cool when you get to do it all yourself...

and the babe sounds great, too! :P

have fu-un!

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yeah, so I was the one who

yeah, so I was the one who opted to do a bunch of worksheets by myself rather than have to be present during an actual dissection... thank goodness for my teacher having a "conscientious objector" option... yes I'm squeamish. But if you like it, go for it :-)

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:D dissections are amazing.

:D dissections are amazing. and so are smoking hot babes who don't have personal space needs :P. hehe. that's awesome though, how many days are you going to be dissecting it?

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it took three days to do!

it took three days to do! plus an extra day to draw a diagram of it

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ohh. 3 days isn't bad at all

ohh. 3 days isn't bad at all :). not too short to where it just flies by and not too long to where the pigs get all gushy and smelly. *thumbs up*