Poetry I wrote and....

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Last night my mental walls broke down and I realised just how dangerously depressed I am. 4 pages of scrawled crap that show just how fucked up I am right now. I feel broken....
Anyway, I'm putting the poems up on here, for fun and profit.


Oh sweet silver,
My quicksilver,
Digging deep,
And dripping red,

Oh my silver,
How I shiver,
At the thought,
I’ll soon be dead,

Gentle silver,
Shining silver,
Take my life,
It would be kind,

Hateful silver,
Violent silver,
Thoughts of you,


Hateful razors,
Drink my malice,
From a shining golden chalice,

Thrice-cursed cutters,
Behind shutters,
Causing splashes,
Gentle slashes,

A broken boy,
A piece of steel,
It brings him joy,
To finally feel,

Oh, I’m bleeding,
Love this feeling,
Fuck it’s fleeting,
Need more bleeding,

My masks cracking,
Soul is blackening,
Maybe one more,
Cut to my core,

One became nine,
Don’t have much time,
From my lifeless eye,

God they make me seem crazy.
But they made me finally admit I need help. Which I plan on getting.
Yay for me?
I'm scared though.... I hate doctors. Also, Shane is gone now because he had to go home afer being here for three days and A isn't here because she's away at her friends place. So I'm alone tonight, with nothing but my secret stash of sharp objects for company..... that scares me too....


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*huge hug*

Hang in there. PM me if you need anything. <3

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Seriously, if you need anything, just PM someone you know on here. It'll be okay, and its really good you're getting help. Doctors may suck, but they also can really be helpful. *Hugs* Please PM me, let me know if there is anything else I can do.

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