"Prayers for Bobby"

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I happened to turn to lifetime last night just to see what was on. I saw the movie "Prayers for Bobby" and had remembered the ads I had seen to promote it and thought "why not give it a shot?" I would just like to say that I don't think I ever been so emotionally moved by a movie in my life. I can still feel, what I can only guess is a minute fraction of the pain that Mrs. Griffith must still feel today and every day. I wept as if the story was directly related to me. And I relized that it is in fact, directly related to ALL of us. I remember as a child and young adult, I had many "Bad" experiences with gay men from hitchhiking and friends of other friends. I was in firm belief that gay people were wrong and bad and had "something wrong" with them. I then got a job as a pharmacuetical rep and worked at a company who employed many gay people. I also dated a woman who had a large amount of gay friends. So as my "exposure" to her friends and their life style grew, so did my education of and about the gay lifestyle. I relized my opinions and beliefs were based on fear and ignorance. My past understanding and my opinion of them and the whole "gay" community, made me ashamed of myself and my beliefs. Mary Griffith became one of my biggest heros last night and she shall remain there for the rest of my life.
Darren G. Meade 1-28-09