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Would you like to play a game?
That would depend on the type of game of which you speak.

Do you like The Simpsons or Family Guy better?:
Family Guy is a lot more funny. At least in my opinion.

Do you like to take surveys that are absolutely random?:
If I have nothing else to do.

Do you have any broken figurines in your room?:
Can't say I do.

Do you wear bows on your head to be cute on holidays?:
Can't say I do. Can't say I'm a big fan of the holidays either.

Have you ever seen the Oscar Meyer van in real life?:
NO I HAVE NOT. But I would love to.

What would you do if you got proposed to by your celebrity crush?:
Well there are two. But I would probably say yes. Or I'd want to live with them for a while to see if we got along, then I would say yes.

Do you like Jansport backpacks?:
Some of them are cool.

Is there anything patriotic in your room?:
Nope, nothing.

Have you ever rolled down a steep, grassy hill for fun?:
Yeah, tons of times. Me and my friend have ridden our skateboards down steep grassy hills for fun as well.

Have you ever saw a fake deer in one's yard and thought it was real?:
I've never seen a fake deer? If I saw one, I'd definately get it and put it in my yard though. I'm kinda cool like that.

Do you like to graph things?:
I don't like any kind of math. Usually.

When you were younger, would you cry when you got your pic with Santa?:

Do you know anyone who works at Home Depot?:
No. I wish I worked at Home Depot though, that would be sick.

Does it bug you when people stop in the middle of a hallway to chat?: Yeah holyyy. I just shove through them.

Are you holding anything in your hand right now?:

In elementary, were you ever voted "Student of the Month"?:
My school didn't do that.

When you were younger, did you think Aaron Carter was a hottie?:
Hell no.

Who last said "I told you so" to you?:
I can't even remember. Wait... I think it was my friend G, but in a playful way. It's a long story.
The last person who said "I told you so" to me was Verity though. About Maddie.

Do you own any flowered leis?:

Have you ever baby sat?:
Meh a few times. I'm not particularily fond of baby sitting or child watching and the like.

What is the last sad song you heard?:
I'm not too sure. I've been trying to listen to happy songs lately, so I don't think about sad things. Because if I think to much about sad things right now I'm going to fall to pieces.

What color is your hairbrush/comb?:
It's like a whiskey colour.

Do you like to toast you poptarts, or eat them the way they are?:
Hmm, depends on my mood. And whether or not I'm feelin' poptarts.

When was the last time you sighed, and why did you do it?:
This morning I think. When I was reading the questions on my Physics test.

Do you have a strong sweet tooth?:
Meh not really.

In class, do you always find yourself looking at the clock?:
I try not to look at the clock because time seems to go faster when I don't.

When you get a box of chocolates, how do you figure out what the center is?:
I look at the thing that says what kind they are. And if the box doesn't have that then I bite into it and look.

Have you ever gone climbing into the woods, just for fun?:
Yes. I would like to go camping soon as well.

Did you think Romeo and Juliet was sad?:
Meh, in theory. But did it make me sad? No.

Do you get called to the counselor's office often?:

Have you ever gone out into public, and noticed you forgot deodorant?:
I've gone to school ONCE and noticed I forgot deodorant. It was traumatic.

What is the last movie inspirational movie you saw?:

When playing Mortal Combat, who do you pick?:

Do you ever remember playing a game for the first Playstation called Gex?: YES BUT IT WAS ON MY N64 AND IT WAS THE BEST EVER. Loved it.

If someone is rude to you, do you let it go, or seek revenge?:
I'm rude to them right back. I'm a rude person.

Do bloody movies make you sick to the stomach?:

Do you know anyone who walks with a cane?:
Yes kinda. My vp has a cane, but we aren't on a first name basis xD.

Who was the last person to shake your hand?:
My cousin's boyfriend.

Have you ever toured an old battleship?:

Do you hate waking up because it is so cold?:
No, I hate waking up because my dreams end and waking up means dealing with life.

Do you write on your walls in your room?:

What is the last ad you saw?:
A commercial exposing the topics of the news yesterday evening.

Do you like to draw very detailed drawings, or just stick figures?:
It depends on what I'm doing. If it's a comic stick figures, if I'm drawing for me, details.

What would you do if you heard tapping on your window, and no one there?:
No not really. Nothing?

When you were little, did you like to get the stickers from Walmart?:
Sometimes. I never liked them though.

What flavor Slurpee is your absolute favorite?:
I mix them all together.

If you love someone, do you write his or her name in your school books?: Not conciously. But once when I was in math I noticed I had written someone's name on my notes over and over and I didn't even realize.

Have you ever owned a turtle-shaped sand box?:

Do you know how to tie different types of knots?:

Do you think Morgan freeman is a good actor?:
I don't know?

Have you ever had a dream that really did come true?:
Yes. Sorta.

Do you like the show "Robot Chicken"?:
It's funny at two am when you're drunk off your ass.

Have you ever encountered a tornado?:

Are you afraid of long words?:
No I love using long words.

Are you related to a pair of twins?:
Don't think so.

What do you currently taste?:
Pineapple juice.

What is your favorite flavor of poprocks?:
Any kind?

Do you own a shirt that says "Vote for Pedro"?:

Who do you think can dance really good?:
I can't dance.

Do you own any toe socks?:
Not anymore. I used to have like five pairs though.

Describe the perfect romantic night.:
There is no perfect moment or night for me. It's all... situational? It's about the person. Not what happens.

Did you enjoy this survey?:
Meh it was a time killer