Songs(again hehe)..cuz wounds are ways to reveal us....

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Aranda:- Still in the Dark
Blindside:- Pitiful
BlackTide:- Shout
Killswitch Engage:- The End of Heartache
Jesse McCartney:- How do you Sleep?
Avenged Sevenfold:- Seize the Day
Godsmack:- Serenity/Voodoo
Bullet for my Valentine:- Hearts Burst into Fire
Trapt:- Contagious/Made of Glass
Sevendust:- Broken Down
Breaking Benjamin:- Follow
Seether:- Breakdown
Hoobastank:- My Turn


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nice line up. sounds like my

nice line up.
sounds like my music :O
except jesse mccartney :P

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That's cool. Well,I only

That's cool.

Well,I only like certain songs by him hehe.

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None of those songs have

None of those songs have ever existed in my library.