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You Remember 60% of 2008

Okay, you were somewhat paying attention during 2008.
But you're not going to impress anyone with your knowledge of what went down.

You know the basics about what went down, but little else...
Let's just say you won't be writing the history book for 2008.

How Much Do You Remember 2008?

As much as I can't see watching NYE/ball drop w/o DC, the past 2 yrs. have me think it'd be ok,you know? Although I would rather watch him since his stroke than watch Ryan/Kellie haha......


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70% I don't really care

I don't really care about celebrities. Or anything having to do with OJ.

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Only 60% on me too. I live

Only 60% on me too. I live in a bubble, so I feel good enough about it....:P

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I had no idea, and I guessed on every single question..
maybe this year I'll pay more attention........okay, yeah, probably not.

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I hardly think that Ted

I hardly think that Ted Kennedy's cancer exactly shook '08... The decriminalization of marijuana in Massachusetts (in practice), the passage of Proposition 8 in California, the High Court's decision concerning gay marriage in Connecticut, the Gaza-Israeli conflict, the Russo-Georgian conflict, the end of the Kivu War in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fidel Castro's resignation, the world food crisis, the Western World's financial crises, the political instability in Myanmar/Burma, the Greek Riots, and Indian's 9/11 are a little more appropriate I personally think...

2008 has sucked, hasn't it?