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Excessively Senseless

Have you ever given a public speech?: no
When was the last time you sat in the back seat of a car?: while ago
When was the last time you had a checkup?: while ago
Have you ever cried in a movie theater?: no
Has a stranger ever stared at you in public?: yeah,when they're checking me out...
Have you ever had anything stolen from you?: no
Starting in what grade were crayons excluded from your school supply list?: um,7th?
Were you heartbroken?: no
When was your last run-in with the police?: 2 yrs. ago
Are you a good sport or a sore loser?: depends,if I lose and keep being reminded by winner,then I get mad cuz they're not 'letting it go'
Do you read comic books?: some
Have you ever been so emotional it left people speechless?: uh,I think so but not really the same
When was the last time you threw up?: while ago
Do you intentionally sing poorly in front of people to avoid a critique?: no
Do you force your way into conversations in which you are not involved?: try not to but sometimes can't help it
What did you / what will you do on your 18th birthday?: had a party,watched movie in theater I think
When was the last time you had a dream with a premonition in it?: every night
Did it come true?: yep:D
Have you ever seriously pretended to be clinically insane?: uh,why?
Are there any words you cannot spell correctly, no matter how hard you try?: maybe
Do you know anyone with a stutter?: me sometimes
With a lisp?: no
Do you doodle more on page borders or on entire pages?: borders
Have you ever been in a newspaper?: yeah
Have you ever been on TV?: no
What was the last board game you played?: dk
Did you win?: dk
When was the last time you tried to speak with an accent?: no
What was the accent?: never
Have you ever made up a word before?: yeah
Did you get anyone else to use it?: maybe
Are all 4 of your biological grandparents alive?: dk
What is / was your GPA?: right now it's 2.92 for this past semester
When was the last time you used a flashlight?: couple wks ago
Do you ever take pictures so myspacey that they're embarrasing even to you?: haha no
When was the last time you went to a museum?: a year ago?
Do you have anything from IKEA in your room?: nope
If you were watching TV now instead of doing this, what would you watch?: I am watching TV,a movie hehe
When was the last time you played MASH?: never

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