Survey mania

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McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King, McD doesn't have a veggie burger. I try to avoid both, though.
Pepsi or Coke? Diet Coke, although I mostly drink black tea.
Sierra Mist or Sprite? No thanks.
Dominos or Pizza Hut? No vegan pizzas here, so screw'm.
Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays? Fridays, if I have to.
Pancakes or Waffles? Pancakes.
Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers? Boca vegan burgers
Meat or Veggies? Veggies.
Vanilla or Chocolate? Dark Chocolate. Don't need cow secretions in my chocolate.


Abercrombie or Hollister? Neither, but A&F if I have to pick.
Boxers or briefs? CK Boxer briefs.
Collar: Usually wearing a T shirt, but occassionally Polos.
Jeans or Skirt? Khakis.
Sneakers or Flip-Flops? Earth Vegan sneakers.
Wal-Mart or Target? San Francisco has no big box stores, so I have no opinion.


NYSNC or Backstreet Boys? N Sync
50 Cent or 2pac? Neither.
Country or Rap? Why would I ever be in such an awful position such as this?
Rob Thomas or Maroon 5? Maroon 5
Goo Goo Dolls or Matchbox 20? Stay home if concert, turn off if radio
Porcupine Tree or Opeth? I don't know these.


Face or Body? Face.
Chest or Butt? Yes.
Hair: Short.
Brunette or Blonde? Brunette.
Candy or Flowers? Flowers.
Hugs or Kisses? Yes, please.
Friends with Benefits or Date? That choice doesn't exist. You do one or the other depending on the person.


MySpace or Facebook? Facebook
AIM or MSN? Adium, multi-client.
TV or Movie? Movie.
Cell Phone or iPod? iPod. I have cell phones.
Automatic or Manual? Sneakers.


Black or White? White
Red or Blue? Blue.
Gold or Silver? Gold.
Yellow or Orange? Orange
Pink or Purple? Purple


Summer or Winter? Summer
Fall or Spring? Spring
Rain or Thunderstorm? Thunderstorm
Snow or Rain? Rain
Hurricane or Earthquake? Earthquake


Shower or Bathe? Bath
Play an Instrument or Sing? I do both at the same time. Piano.
Play Ping-Pong or Pool? Pool.
Be Hot or Cold? Me hot? Sounds like a plan. Requires more gym time...


Quiet or Loud? In bed or in general? Quiet.
Immature or Mature? I'm mature in all the good ways.
Ugly or Hot? Somewhere in between there.
Smart or Stupid? Smart
Gay or straight? Gay.


Dogs or Cats? Neither, I'll marry into pets.
Pen or Pencil? Pen.
Obama or Clinton? Obama, no question.
Canada or Australia? I don't understand the question.


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Did you know that BK's

Did you know that BK's veggie burgers aren't even vegetarian? They cook them with the hamburgers and possibly in the same grease... something about a microwave... I read their ingredient chart one time and it was like "blah blah blah... can't promise that our veggie burgers are vegetarian blah blah blah..." How long have you been vegan for? That's really cool.

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They grill the burgers and nuke the veggie ones, so I think it's just possible contamination on the counters and such. That is pure emergency food for me anyway.

vegan for like 4 years or so. vegetarian for like 14 or so.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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High time you gave into the

High time you gave into the survey mania, wasn't it?

Anyway, finally another Adium user! No one even knows what Adium is!

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I did all the surveys back on MySpace a few years ago...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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