Taiwan and Dutch Boys

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Dear Oasisians

First I would just like to say I miss you all, it's been quite a while. I hope everyone's having a splendid holiday.

As for me, mine's ending soon - but there's things to rejoice about anyway.

I was in Taiwan for a month. Saw my parents again, first time in almost a year. There was a moment of realisation that they indeed were getting old. My mother have visible wrinkles and spots on her face, and my dad is balding. It's sad, because children are socially conditioned to view their parents as righteous, just, and an guiding overseer. And this gives the effect that they are presiding over you, giving them a surreal form of immortality. But now, it hit me that they will be old, they will be weak, judged, institutionalised and maybe not because they really are those things but because everyone else have perceived them to be. But who are we to say they have really changed?

Anyways, I had a fabulous time there. I went to Taipei for New Years, caught up with mates from New Zealand who also went back. There was this guy how I met last year and realised this year that he was gay. Fling's just a fling, long distance will never work. So that's over.

Then there's the usual, the shopping, the family bonding, the TV watching and teenage angst.

I was back three days ago. Details aren't that important but I saw my mates and I realised how much I missed them. They make me laugh so much. We ranted and did personality tests till 5am.

And guess what, I chatted up this guy on the bus like two days ago. He's dutch and has a HOT accent. He's real cute, and I even asked for his number. AND HE'S BI. Man, I'm on a roll - my gaydar is definitely getting better. Kudos to me too, if he wasn't gay or bi it would've been MEGASUPEREXTRAEXPLODINGAWKWARD.

But he lives in the South Island, which is a shame and was up in Auckland for Big Day Out. But he told me I'm "very nice and attractive" so he's setting me up with with his gay mate closer to Auckland. That's still two hours away though, but hey we've been texting and he's really cute and dorky. Never know what might happen... I'll keep you guys posted!

- Uncertain


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Good hearing from you, babe. We'd love more regular appearances, but we take what we get. :-)

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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