The Day After

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I feel as though I didn't read my mother's reaction right to me being gay. I was literally worried sick that she was in shock and that everything would be different. Yes, she's been quiet but I feel now that she really doesn't care. Really, the only words she had were of warning, which to me shows that she does care...... I think everything will be fine.

So I sent out a mass text message to some friends and people of interest giving them the news. In that list of people was my ex, A. Most people sent back a small congratulatory text message...but he called me. When was very nice, I feel. I was touched that he actually CALLED me. No, I'm not reading anything into it, trust me. But I thought it the loveliest gesture.

So I'm watching Pan's Labyrinth...and it's kind of hard to concentrate on writing and watching the movie and reading the subtitles.

Good night


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I'm glad things are going

I'm glad things are going well for you.

Pan's Labyrinth in an awesome flick. Sad though. I also recommend The Devil's Backbone, if you haven't seen it. Another masterpiece by Guillermo del Toro.

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Yes, Pan's Labyrinth is

Yes, Pan's Labyrinth is beautiful. except the part where she's at the "dinner party" with that one scary beast and he tries to eat her..that part sorta freaks me out a bit, haha.