The Goonies are good enough, good enough for you...

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Good movie.


So I did nothing today except chill. I drove my sister to work in the city, got extremely lost on the way home, got Maccas for breakfast, came home, watched a doco about Queer cinema, slept a bit, watched a few episodes of 90210 season 2 (the addiction has well and truly set in), snoozed some more, picked my sister up from work, did some more viewing, and here I am.

That's a bit sad, I realise. But honestly, I don't care. I'm glad to be out of my house for a while...even though I'm just doing the same as I was but in another location, I'm more relaxed. Compared to home where my mother is, who doesn't want to address my gayness, to here where I have my supportive sister and her lesbian roommate, it's a sweeter deal. I'm only here til Friday though.
As someone pointed out before, I have about 1 billion jobs lol but I wasn't getting any money. I can barely afford to go to the movies. I don't save - which is my fault. I've given up smoking, so that should keep a bit of cash in my pocket. I'm also trying to cut back my drug use. I can't keep buying pot and pills, it's just so expensive. One tab is about 25 dollars.

Oh btw, how funny are all those videos of guys (gay, I'm assuming) who recreate Beyonce's Single Ladies video?! I think my favourite is one of a morbidly obese guy. He really fills out his unitard.

So...I didn't really have anything important to say. I still don't.
I'm just really ready to go out and have some fun.


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I have a younger cousin who is like a Native version of Chunk. Hilarious little guy. Should anything happen to me, he's the one who gets my DVD collection and albums.