This is for anyone who wrote a long journal and then by accident went to another page before pressing submit

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If you're like me and you were in the middle of writing a nice journal about your hard day at school/work/sexy time with gf or bf(?) And then by accident you hit the back button or went to another site before hitting submit...Then broke down and cried cause it took you forever to write that longgg thoughtful/sexy(?) journal....I found a way to get it back!!! Yay. If you went to the previous page by accident then just hit the forward button up at the top left hand side of your web browser and when it goes back to your journal entry page all the things you wrote should be there...Then this time press submit NOT back:P

Now, if you forgot that you were working on your journal and you clicked on an ad or clicked on the website your friend Instant Messaged you and it sent you to a different page then you realized that OMG you didn't post your fabulous journal!!! Then just hit the back button and it should still be there.

Well, this works for me anyways hopefully this works for you guys. I posted it cause I know I've seen a lot of you guys saying that you've done the same thing. Also I hope it makes sense and you understand what I'm trying to say....I'm in a funky weird mood...Lot's of things going through my mind that I want to write a journal but don't have enough time right now....So, excuse the weirdness that may or may not exist in this Journal entry.

K here it is easy plain language...
If you hit back then press the forward arrow button (in the top left of your screen(Mine's green))

If you went to a different site some how then just hit the back button (that is also in the top left)


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mines blue! lol. ahh, I

mines blue! lol. ahh, I could have used this info the other day, then maas told me the same thing...and i felt really stupid :P