Thoughts on school starting-

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School officially started today!

Real tired, almost fell asleep on the bus. And that hurts because my contacts dry out. So how do I feel about being Year 13?

YEAR 13? Read that? Far out, last year of school! The oldest students of the school... I almost expected something magical to happen - but it felt the pretty much the same.

Recount of my new classes-
Awesome! I'm sitting beside Robert and Tim. Rob's always been a bit quiet, but I wasn't going to ditch him for Emma. He's got a nice hairstyle now, which I think is kind of cute. And Tim... OH. He's so cute, and funny! He screamed my name when he saw I was in the same class as him. Far, he's adorable. And Emma sits beside Tim anyway... so we have a cool row. I like!

Christian Education:
We only have this once every 7 days, but I happened to have it today. It was an average class, there were some people I don't really know - which makes it an average class - but that also means potential to meet new people. John the die hard Christian sits next to me, but only because I came late with a new girl I'm looking after and there was no seats. I would've been pretty keen on sitting next to Miriam.

Sitting beside Nixon. We pretty much have an 'asian corner' again. It's just a tradition we have to keep! We have awesome people in our class, again.

I have awesome people in this class again. Except there are a bunch of 'jocks' on the other side - and they used to be dicks to me a few years back. But that's when people were immature, maybe they've changed. And, like 4 of the 5 girls in the class sit next to me - so that kind of draws attention...

I haven't had the other classes yet, like bio and physics. Looking forward to them tomorrow! And just to point out, I have awesome teachers too. It's gona be an awesome year =]

I also had to mingle with junior kids doing swimming sports for the first two periods today because I'm a prefect (elected student leader). It's harder than I thought... a bit awkward at times - just because I don't know how to not sound patronising (because Year 13s are already quite intimidating, and prefects can seem even SCARIER). And I get the occasional jerks which are just too cool for house competitions and they are just really unenthusiastic or hard to talk to. But then that's life, that's their problem not mine - I've done my best but it has also been a learning curve.

I also met two new entrants today! I like talking to people new to the school. It's so sad people barely talk to them and they sit by themselves? Sometimes they can end up being great friends (like Emma in Bio last year and Alex in Jap). Hopefully they'd fit in and I've made a good impression. There's also a new [cute] guy in my chem class - I think I'll talk to him tomorrow. Yay.

There's more, but I think that's enough... for now.


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hahaha. yeahhh. then you'll

hahaha. yeahhh. then you'll go to college and be the youngest kid there. So you better enjoy this year, it seems like in college though those kinds of things don't matter.hmm.
that's good your classes sound fun.
Stats? like statistics? is it a math credit?

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Yep, maths with statistics.

Yep, maths with statistics. Because I took calculus last year.

You'd think jocks wouldn't even touch maths!

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AWESOME!!! lol not to mock


lol not to mock you or anything HORRIBLY FUNNY like that, but you said 'awesome' a ton of times. :P which is AWESOME!! :D

glad ya like your classes, and congrats on being a prefect (dunno if that's something new, but either way, congrats)!

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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I know! I realised that

I know! I realised that after I posted it... but if I wrote it that must've been what I was thinking.. so I kept it. Hehe