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So its freezing outside. My school is already cancelled tomorrow. It was cancelled today too. 4 day weekend! And Monday I have a half-day.

My parents are having a party Saturday night at our house and my sisters and I have to be gone. Which is no problem but they're being really weird about it. I keep saying how we're gonna come home and there's gonna be a bowl with keys in it. Ew. Seriously I'd shit my pants if they were swingers, right after I get done throwing up. Nothing against swingers, do whatever ya want, just not my parents :) thats ewie.
No but really they probably aren't doing that, I just like to mess with them and say that cuz they get mad and all defensive and I'm like why are you getting so defensive if its not true???

So I'm staying at Sarah's on Saturday. I'm pretty stoked. We might get window chalk and go get some of our friend's cars. Ha. They've messed with my car like 4 times and it's time I get them back. One time they wrote Nipples all over my car. lol. My dad wasn't happy. I'm glad they didn't right dyke or anything, but I think I'm gonna write that on one of my friend's cars just cuz I can and she know's I'm a big gaymo. It's a bitch to clean that stuff off though. They deserve to clean it off their cars in negative degree weather for all the times they've gotten my car.

I've been listening to Uh Huh Her a lot recently and I can't decide if I really like them or not. I mean their music isn't bad its just bleh I don't know? SO I keep listening to it anyways.


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yay for 4 day weekends.

yay for 4 day weekends. :D
ahahahah. have fun writing nipples on your friend's car. sounds exciting. ohh mannnn, but that is going to suck for them since is so cold out, and really, who wants to drive around with nipples written on their car. it would ridiculously hilarious, but sorta embarrassing, so they're going to have to clean it off.

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HAHAHAHAHAH NIPPLES. funny. because today we were doing pig dissections and we had to answer questions about the pig and one girl in my group turns to me and says "I don't think I have ever written the word nipples as much in my life as I am right now"
and then you write a blog, including nipples. ha. ok i'm done now.

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Huh. We have a 4 day weekend

Huh. We have a 4 day weekend down here in sunny (Well, freezing/cloudy) Avalon Park. Florida... I gotta get to Canada as soon as possible...

Where there was once love lies now only sorrow,
where there once was hope lies now only pain.
Yet all's not lost, nay, look to the skies,
Now heaven's found in man's disguise