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Q: What's your first reaction when hearing the words 'we need to talk'?

A:That can't be good,no one NEEDS to talk hehe. Yeah,so it's an obvious Seinfeld ref. but it's true hehe!

Today was good,for Math,I thought I had the wrong class(I was alil late due to my Mom saying she'll give me a ride,then not having her keys just as we're about to leave but then finding them 20 after 7)cuz Gannon was talking about Hamas and Obama and stuff(but then I saw the propped up math book), and knew I was in right class hehe. Got the syllabus and saw my hwk. problems all nicely listed already hehe(hwk. is due every other day(hence,hwk due Thurs!) and quizzes are 10 pts.,1st 1 is next Thurs. and no quizzes day before/day of Exams. Gannon told us a but about himself(from KS, had to get used to pronouncing Spanish last names hehe) and then had us to talk to our neighbors for a bit hehe before leaving for the day.

I got out of class 20 mins. early,so I decided to go get a Pepsi and some Cheetos before heading off to Sculpture! Wow,as soon as I got in class and took a seat,Klutch had my CD for me(yeah,he was like 'oh,you just registered so you get this,huh?' and I was like 'yeah hehe') and while waiting for ppl to get there, Klutch and I talked abit about my MI trip(he saw my hoodie) and he said he lived outside of Detroit for 2 yrs hehe and he knew the town I was talking of . Got/went over the syllabus/talking about our 1st project(P1/P4) due on the 18th of Feb. and it's a Skull,sounds so awesome but also hard and I just hope I can do it well/get good grade/finish it by deadline.. have to get LAB cards again(3 Green/1 Blue,need the blue 1 by Thurs. so we can get clay from bookstore/start working on P1 in LAB already).
Class ended after an hour(9-10,not til 11:50) and after that, I got a steak quesadilla from Taco Bell. Klutch said 'It's the return of the notorious flip flop wearing(not suppose to wear in LAB,oops,did all during 3-D design)-Pepsi drinking-snacking/iPod listening(during LAB)Ashley(last name being witheld hehe) hehe'. OH,it is gonna be like 3-D design! Aka use other materials in your work too!


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wow! i feel like i should

wow! i feel like i should be panting or something...that was a total crash course of your day, and it sounds awesome. :P

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