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First: In my religion class I drew a small picture of a cheesecake. Then went to Physics, ran up to Vic at her locker and said "I MADE YOU A CHEESECAKE". She seemed pleased with this. Then I shoved her into a locker? Because that's pretty logical? Also I drew a comic of her as a turtle getting stepped on by our teacher... Anyways on a more lame note, there was one point where we held eye contact... foreverrrrr. Like a really long time as far as holding eye contact and smiling and not talking goes. At one point I had a moment where I was going to grab her hands. Like it was an impulse and my moved my hands to go do it, but realized in a split second what I was doing and how weird it would look so I put them down. Has anyone ever had that thing where, they see themselves doing something, you feel what it would feel like, then you go to do it, then realize what would happen so you don't? It's hard to describe, it happens so fast.

Second: In grade nine I took music and we had this music teacher (who I will call piano because that is what she played mostly). And then halfway through grade ten Piano mysteriously left and in came in a new male teacher (bass, because that is what he played mostly). Bass is really cool and everyone likes him, including me. So after school while I am standing at Verity's locker who do I see? PIANO. FUH-LOATING down the hallway. Because she doesn't walk, she floats. So she floats into a classroom and I say to Verity, "I hope she's here tomorrow! I want to say hi". Then Verity and myself proceed to exit the building. We walk down the road and get about a block away from school when she realizes she forgot her art isu. We trudge back to school. Who do I see floating down the hallway? Piano. Who waves, smiles and winks at me? Piano. Who dies? Me. Who goes to the art room and gets their isu? Verity. Who overhears some grade ten people talking and saying Bass is leaving? Me. Who jumps up two feet off the floor and does a stupid dance? Me. Who needs to learn to practice some self-control? Me.

...who is going to learn Kim 2 by Charlie Parker to impress their music teacher... me.


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Is she cute? Piano I

Is she cute? Piano I mean.

"Dawn must DIE!!"
Fallon, after watching 'Once More With Feeling' of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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wow. sounds amazing :P she

wow. sounds amazing :P
she winked at you..that's crazy..haha.

the feeling your talking about..maybe you're psychic?!?!?
or deep down you felt it wasn't the right time.

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maybe i'm just insane :P

maybe i'm just insane :P

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I wish I had impulse moments

I wish I had impulse moments like that, but I was such a cautious kid, I have to teach myself how to be impulsive again, because I missed out, and because this cautiousness makes it impossible for me to do some things I really want to do. So, I'm getting over it... But not over so far that I'm impulsive to the point of far too many awkward moments. Not that impulsive.

But, if she held eye contact with you for that long, she probably likes you. :)

Also, awesome teachers are awesome. Yay awesome!