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I just watched the season 5 finale of The L Word and I'm pretty disappointed. That was a pretty boring episode let alone season finale....or maybe The L Word just isn't meant to be watched online at 12 am...Idk. You know what else? WTF was Melanie Lynskey doing in that episode? WTF was the point in her being in a measly couple of scenes? I really like her because she was in But I'm A Cheerleader!, Heavenly Creatures(Messed up movie but she was awesome!), and 2 And A Half Men(And she's brilliant!....Well, she's awesome anyways:P)...I vote for more of her in The L Word!:D


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maybe you could just be a

maybe you could just be a film director and create your own show and cast who you want and make it exactly the way you thnk a good show should be. :D

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despite having a lot of hot

despite having a lot of hot women fucking each other (there really isn't another word for, other than it's porn value, that show sucks. i stopped watching after the 3rd season (like i said, it has porn value!!), cause it was just too stupid. lol

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."