Up All Night...Again

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Okay I just sat up all night writing my response to chey's "confused..." post. I think I did a pretty goood job of it, though I did get a bit long-winded. It's the drawback of being both a writer AND a history nut, I think.

Now I have to get my ass to sleep, cuz my eyes are about to melt.

Nitey nite all. Hugs.


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yay for melting eyes!

yay for melting eyes! though mine don't usually feel like they're gonna melt...they get all dried up, and feel like they'll either just fall out, or burn up, too.

and wootness for longwindedness. :D i think it's just part of being a writer...or a wannabe. cause i'm a wannabe, but not so much a history nut. lol

haha, this reply was totally random and pointless. woot!

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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okay, so yesterday, my first

okay, so yesterday, my first day of being a member on here was awesome.though, i must admit, ive gotten addicted. i was on here until 2am. eek. i think for me its such a relief to be able to say "im gay" and question things on here without it seeming taboo or stupid or ignorant. its a place where i can be me. one of the few. anyone have any suggestions on how not to get addicted. ha.

-sofia...but call me eli.