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View or leave comments? Is it just me, or did something change for everyone?

So I'm writing a story about Vic for Em's, Vic's and my own amusement. It's really random so far. I just might post it when I'm finished. I started it in Physics. I was studying for my Bio exam and then got distracted because I started dictating the story and Em told me I needed to write it down so I did that. And didn't study for Bio. At all.

I almost threw up this morning because of my Bio exam. I was so scared. Even though I could've not gone to the exam and still passed the course with a fifty six percent. I was trippin' out. Oh well.

Three exams left. Concert downtown tomorrow. Studying madly for Physics so I don't fail.

Yesterday when I was doing my review in Physics for Physics Vic took my sheet and wrote "I <3 Vic" across it in huge letters. So I took hers and wrote "Are you madly in love with (myname)? Yes". It was interesting.


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nope, not just you. I'm

nope, not just you. I'm having the same problem. arg!

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I had that trouble when I

I had that trouble when I stopped by during computers, a class I'm almost done with, YAY!!!! But I thought it was because I didn't log in.

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I guess this is the first

I guess this is the first I've tried it. I did have to log in again after the upgrade, but that's not a big deal.

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