Workshop stuff, Thanks, and The L Word

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Yay! Tomorrow I have a day off from my workshop thingy. You know what, though? I'm almost at the end of it and it sorta sucks. Like it's been kinda nice to get out of the house and get into a routine. I actually kinda enjoy the bus ride there cause I just throw my headphones on and listen to my music(Korn!, Nine Inch Nails, Default, Seether, Lifehouse). But we only have one more day this week and then 2 days next week and thats it. Plus it sucks cause cause i'm suppose to know what i want to do from their. Like, do i want to go back to school, go take some collage courses, go straight out and (try to)get a job or take another of their classes. The three main workshops they have are Forklift(Like I could do that, LOL!), Data Entry, and Food and Retail. I don't have a clue what to do...Hopefully I figure it out by next week *Crosses fingers*

And thanks Bulldyke for your comment on my last journal cause I didn't see it till a couple minutes ago. I will eventually find the loves of my life and I will get my heart broken....That will suck but I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all(And yes that's from a Three Days Grace song but it's true:P) And I think I've heard that Melissa Etheridge song but I'm not sure, anywho it doesn't surprise me that you'd want to dance of her songs at your wedding:P And I might send you that Lifehouse song I was talking about only cause I think it's awesome and I think it deserves to be heard by more people....You're probably not gonna listen to it but I'll send it anyways:P:P

Now I'm off to watch The L Word Season 5 Episode 11...Oooo, Melanie Lynsky is in this one awesome:D