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Hello children (in the voice of Chef)!

So I've finally gotten this nasty depression under control enough to start back in on Numen's Trust again. I worked til six this morning and got the current chapter ALMOST finished before I started nodding off into my laptop. I should have no trouble finishing it today early enough to outline the next one, maybe even start it. I'm getting fan letter from all over the world (okay, not sacks full, but every one is precious to me), and the number of people clamoring for Numen's Trust is growing. On the one hand...PRESSURE!!!! On the other hand, it's a motivation to get my sorry ass in gear and get going. I've been working on Rokey & Flash's story now since 2004 (if you don't include the 20 years that I thought about them before I started to write), and it's time to bring it to a close and move on to my next projects. Don't worry, Firma fans, there'll be another COF trilogy at some point, but I plan to jump into a couple other things first, just so that Firma will never grow stale, like so may other fantasy series do.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend! Wish me luck as I fenture forth on the last legs of this "epic" project (ha).

Hugs all,


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Glad To Hear This

Hope you stay in a more chipper frame of mind. I also hope life gets rolling in your direction more. So many people are getting plastered with problems these days.

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Yeah I didn't think things

Yeah I didn't think things were ever going to improve. I found a great review of Orphan's Quest on the "Curled Up with a Good Kids Book" website today. That was a happy surprise, and possibly the reason for my jump in book sales this month. I'm also losing weight and exercising, another sign that perhaps my dark cloud has passed for now. One never knows when "The Bell Jar" will descend again, of course, but for now, I'm going to take advantage of the happier times.


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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I think you have it backwards. Working out stimulates the brain similar to anti-depressants, so it is a natural antidepressant. So, you don't do it because the dark cloud has passed, but the cloud passes because you do it.

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Well, during the bad spells,

Well, during the bad spells, I can't exercise. I can't do shit, in fact. In any case, though, I'm just happy to be happy and to feel some muscle tone coming back. :)


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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YAY PAT!!!!! Megan: "Cheers

YAY PAT!!!!!

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
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Hey Pat

I remember I wrote a very negative "comment" on your 2nd book when I was young and inexperienced. Well, now that I've seen more of the world, I think it was quite childish of me...
I was reading your books again, and enjoyed the fantastic world and the warm feelings that come with the friendship between the characters. I wish you good luck with this new one.


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Pat hasn't been on here in ages. He is on Facebook, though.

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