Writing Project - Version 2.0

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Hi Guys!

Well, thanks to fate, kizmet, a vengeful god, whatever, the original creative writing project that I worked long and hard to create and type up was destroyed when my hard drive crashed on 12/17. I was about to go through the process of recreating it when I had an epiphany. Okay, maybe it was just a good idea, but I like the word epiphany.

Instead of making people compete for slots and doing a standard, ho-hum, creative writing project, I'm going to let anyone participates that wants to sign up (all ages welcome, so I won't need to do two seperate projects), and we're going to do some really fun and weird skill-building exercises. Eventually, everyone will be turning one of those exercises into a story, but to start out with, you'll be getting little Mission Impossible type zip folders to download full of stuff for you to turn into a story outline. These will focus on different things - one on character building, one on plot building...etc. Later on, you'll each pick one and develop it into a full-blown short story.

Now, because I was offline for three weeks, we're a bit behind, so I need everyone who's interested to sign up ASAP by emailing me at patrick@samersguild.com. This is an address I no longer use, so it will be just for writing projects from now on. I have to have a working email address for you because it will otherwise be impossible to pass critiques back and forth and send group messages. If you don't have a safe email address, you can create one using yahoo, aol, hotmail or one of several other free email sites. I would like to know your first name (just so we can have a bit of real rapport) and also your age, because I would evaluate a 13 year old's work a bit differently from a nineteen-year-old's.

I am going to start this project one week from today, so you have all that time to get me that email in order to sign up. If you have any questions, you can post them here or private message me. You can join late, but you'll miss out on stuff, so try to get in on time, okay? I anticipate we'll keep this going til April or May, depending on each individual's needs. Some may whip through things sooner than others, which is fine.

I think anyone of any age will really enjoy this project. If writing is not normally your thing, why not give it a try? The exercises are just one-on-one between you and me, so no one else will even need to see them. If this is successful, and I get some really great stuff (which I fully expect), I may ask some of you for permission to share your stuff with the others in the group, but that would be strictly on a voluntary basis!!!

Looking forward to hearing from lots of you.


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i see your game here b;)

you're just trying to get the kids to write your next best seller. lol

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No, but it's an interesting

No, but it's an interesting idea...and just the sort of thing I'd expect from your feverish brain!

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