'You're Fun When You're High'

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So yes, ladies and gentlmen, I am apparently fun when high. Ok, so no, I'm not actually using drugs. I'm off my medication ow, but I did find out this morning that I was only supposed to use my inhaler once ever FOUR hours, instead of the once every TWO hours I thought it was. Oops. So the moral of the story is this: I have so much shit in my system right now, that I giggled for like half an hour because I remebered Mr. Noodle for Elmo's World. Never again. My advice, don't, just don't watch Elmo's World when you have all sorts of stuff in your system. Its a bad thing. You start thinking that you see people driving around while playing with puppets. I didn't know I was going to halucinate. It took me by surprise.

So I went to school today, I know, you like: don't you do that everyday? Well, I was sick, I mentioned little else in my past entries, and I trully am sorry. Moving on, so I got to see my friends! Yeah!! I'm happy. Thats when one of them said I was fun when I was high. I'll probably still be mildly loopy tomorrow as well. So we decided to have a Rocky Horror Picture Show veiwing party, and my dad is cool with it being at his house. So pretty much, five plus teenagers will come to my house, and watch one of the worlds greatest movies for teenagers to watch, up stairs and spend the night, because part of the charm of that movie is watching it very late at night. We'll have rice, toast, and squirt guns, the usual. I think there is something about condiments, but we shouldn't have anything that'll stain the carpetting. I want to try to talk my brother into letting us do this in his room, his is the party room. It looks surprisingly like a dorm room. I'm prepared to do manual labor in exchange, other than cleaning afterwards, I would be prepared to offer to unpack the boxes he still hasn't unpacked from the move three years ago.

I would also vaccum, clean his windows? Really, I'm even open to cleaning the bathroom. He has a TV in his room, which we could move to my room, but his room also has a couch. And its cramped enough to make it a party room. I'd let him come if he wanted to, you know, soe of his friends would be cool with it. Hell, some of my friends are friends with some of his friends. And its not like its a bad movie. Its not some crap fest designed for annoying straight girls, its Rocky Horror Picture Show, everyone cool loves it. Hell, if you don't love it you deserve to be shot. Hell, if you don't love it, you'll probably end up killing yourself, having realized there is no point for you to live. So yeah, I REALLY want to do this. If all else fails, I'll redo my room, and set it up especially for this, but my room is the room that the killer raccoons come to, so it would be much better if it was in my brother's room. Ok, well, I need to go sleep so i can be jittery and weird all fresh for tomorrow!


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hahaha. yeahhh, I agree,

hahaha. yeahhh, I agree, ...people who dislike the rocky horror picture show should be shot. lined up. and shot. with it playing in the background.
have fuuuuunnnnn (:

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lol try vicodin. that stuff

lol try vicodin. that stuff really messes me up... :P

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