25 Random Things

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Since this 25 Things craze is going all over Facebook, I thought I'd spread it around a little on Oasis too. :)

Just write 25 Random things about yourself...can be long, short, funny, serious, whatever you're in the mood to share!

1. I was born somewhere around 8am, and have never been a morning person since.

2. I have friends who have incredibly detailed memories from their childhood. I can't. I remember big events, and general feelings, but not specifics.

3. I hated elementary school, which probably shaped the rest of my K-12 career.

4. In high school, I never cut class. Looking back on it, I wish I would have, at least once.

5. I attended almost a year of Community College in Seattle when I was 15, which probably kept me from giving up on my entire schooling. I'm eternally grateful for this opportunity, and will be for a very long time to come.

6. After I was less than a month away from attending the University of Montana before I joined the Air Force. Looking back on it now, the AF was still probably the best decision for the time.

7. I have been to all of the Western States except Colorado (Driving across the western US twice has helped greatly in that endeavor). I lived my entire life in WA until I joined the AF, at which point I've now lived in CA and TX, as well as Korea. People in TX were very nice, but I still have no desire to live there ever again. My favorite places visited so far are probably Santa Cruz CA, Seattle, Philly, San Fran and Portland.

8. I visited China when I was 16 to pack around bags for my sister and bro-in-law when they adopted my niece. The trip was awesome, and influenced my decision to ask for Chinese or Korean when I went to DLI.

9. If I ever got the chance to go back to DLI, I would like a Middle Eastern language.

10. I have two tattoo, and want more now.

11. I've never had my ears pierced until this past year.

12. A few days after having my ears pierced, I was in a furniture store in Kansas City where a security guard was called in on me because the woman washing her hands thought I was a man, but didn't want to say anything to me herself. I fully expected that to happen in Korea, but not so much in the States.

13. I love listening to other people debate about politics more than I actually like talking about it myself.

14. I love listening to Rap music because it's frequently outspoken- which I'm not but sometimes wish I was.

15. I've met so many amazing people in some of the least expected places all over the world in the last three years. I'm hoping to know all of those people for many more years, and to meet more in more places. It's amazing how strangers can all become family.

16. Sometimes I'm shy and won't initiate conversation, but I still love meeting and getting to know new people.

17. I like walking around new cities by myself, getting the feel of it and seeing what's there. I also am just as happy going to movies alone as I am going with other people.

18. As much as I like my 'me' time sometimes, I'm really a people person and love being around people, even if I'm just relaxing and not actively engaging all the time.

19. In the future, I want to visit more of the eastern US, and the world, particularly Australia/New Zealand, Africa and South America.

20. I can't stand math. As a child, my life's goal was to become a Vet, until someone told me that like any other medical field, there was a lot of math involved. That took care of that. Currently, it's the only class I have left to get my AA degree in Korean Language. My Mom and ex have both sent me math textbooks...guess I should take the hint?

21. After the math, I actually really do want to get my BA degree, probably in Sociology with a concentration in Sexuality/Gender studies. I still have a little school anxiety left, and don't always think I can do it.

22. My dream job would be something combining social work in the LGBT area with Photography.

23. I actually really enjoy my job, and spend a lot of time trying to reconcile how best to be gay and in the military...it's a work in progress.

24. I love watching Food Network, Discovery, Travel Channels...I'm a dork that way. The first Bluray movie I got was Planet Earth, and I love documentaries.

25. My most unique experience in Korea was spending New Years 2009 in a very small all women bar in Seoul. It was a very relaxed setting with some great people from a myriad of different countries, and was probably the best New Years celebration I've had.

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1. I ate quesadillas for breakfast
2. I have had standardized testing every year on my birthday, I was supposed to get two years off during high school, but I failed one test. The retake is on MY BIRTHDAY
3. I have a energy lollipop to eat in school tomorrow. I just had to get one when I saw them.
4. My boxers match my shirt
5. My dream job is very similar to Rys's, but I want to have LGBT youth mostly
6. I am taking classes at the college across the street from my high school
7. I am the youngest person in many places (my college classes, my endocrinologist, psychiatrist, and psychologist)
8. I have a tooth brush in my backpack, its only been used to hit people with. My regular toothbrush is in the bathroom.
9. I get dirty looks if I go into the women's bathroom or locker room, in the men's they just see me as a really small guy as long as I don't talk
10. I have threatened with suspension by the principals for using the men's bathroom at school
11. Earthworms and pregnant women are my greatest fears, followed by heights
12. I have asked my chemistry teacher to marry me, she only said "Ezy, I would like you if you were older". That comment made my day, even though it was a joke proposal.
13. I spelled my name wrong on an exam my freshman year in high school, otherwise I would have gotten a 100
14. In my first college class, Math for the Liberal Arts, I was helping six people before every test
15. I should be doing homework for my college classes, but I don't want to read or do any math
16. Math is my worst subject, Science is my best
17. I have an obsession with anime lately, I prefer yoai, yuri, and ecchi
18. I have no full siblings. I do have two half brothers, an adopted brother and an adopted sister
19. I speak gangster Latin and Shakespeare
20. I take stickers from the doctor's office every time I get a testosterone injection so I can put it on my college friend's notebook, the notebook has Hello Kitty on it
21. I legally changed my name to my male name almost a month ago. I am legally Isaiah Mark now, Izy is my nickname
22. I am going to watch Nanaho after I am done with this. Its about a 3rd grader who has a magic stick and there is a talker ferret
23. I have two dogs cuddling with me right now
24. I can not for the life of me read Charles Dickens, but I can read Shakespeare no problem
25. Repo: The Genetic Opera was the last musical I watched