25 Randomness

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i guess this is from facebook, or something, but whatev. :P

just write 25 random things about yourself.

1) i find black and white photography to be breathtakingly beautiful.

2) i used to play the cello, and although i'll never make a career of it, it's one of the most rewarding things i've ever done.

3) i own more than 500 books.

4) i write my own porn.

5) i used to believe that i was a unicorn (anyone who's read Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce Coville will understand how that was possible).

6) i sometimes stay up all night because i think that if i never go to sleep, then i won't have to wake up, and therefore, 'tomorrow' will never come. i also have increadibly horrible reactions to sleeping pills, so i'm pretty much stuck with my logic some nights.

7) i weigh slightly more than the average, and though i'll never admit it, i hate that i'm 'fat'.

8) i love maps. like, LOVE maps.

9) i believe language, above all else, is the most important tool we as a species has, and that it is the one true sign of intelligence.

10) right now, i want to major in social anthropology and minor in communications, then go to law school and pass the bar. then i want to become a political speech writer.

11) i find it incredibly hard to follow my own advice.

12) i'm a horribly picky eater, and much prefer plain food to anything fancy.

13) i love my hiking boots and my combat boots.

14) i read my first book when i was 2, and in 3rd grade, was tested to see what my reading level was (in terms of grade...4th grade, 6th, etc.), and i was literally off the charts.

15) i don't believe in god, but i don't know if he/she exists or not. i follow some of the ancient pagan traditions, and believe that there's a lot more out there than we can see/recognise. and i also think that there is power in a lot of things.

16) i'm a closet treehugger because i don't think that any kind of extremism is productive, and i don't want people to think that all i think about is the environment.

17) i know a little about a lot, which makes me sound a lot smarter than i really am.

18) i'm very outspoken, and have no problems speaking out against anyone, for any reason, except to stick up for myself in some situations.

19) i believe in honor

20) if i had to name on person who has influenced my life the most, other than my parents, it would be Tamora Pierce.

21) i'm a shy extrovert.

22) i don't believe in 'true love', because i think that all love is true. it's just that truth changes. and as for love at first sight? well, watch imagine me and you...that's what i think.

23) i don't have a 'type', but i do tend to be attracted to older women (not necissarily sexually, but...it's hard to explain).

24) i love trains, and have a semi-large collection of HO scale model ones. my dad and i used to make elaborate track layouts for them, along with other scenery.

25) i have a giant purple velvet tophat. it's about 4 feet high, and one and a half or two across at the top. it's brim is maybe 5 feet in diameter. it was a bday present when i turned 13 from a great friend.


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you know....if you found u'rself a fuck buddy it would really solve this porn obsession....sex is way more fun than masturbation (not that masturbation isn't fun) aaaaannnddd....i'ts good excercise! tada!

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yes, and the likelyhood of

yes, and the likelyhood of finding a fuckbuddy in this town is, wait, let me think...nil! lol there's nobody who's freakin gay round here...and the few people who are, aren't into fuckbuddies.

soooooo....gotta wait til i'm outa here.

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."