America's only gay President?

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Today is President's Day. I know this because I am not at work today, taking part in the celebration of President's Day, a paid Holiday in many parts of the Country. Our 15th President, James Bucchanan, President of The United States just before Lincoln, has long been under the suspicion of being our only gay President. Bucchanan lived with a man for 16 years before taking the Office of the Presidency. Having never married, his niece served as hostess to the White House. The title "First Lady", was coined because of this niece's role as hostess. Today, "First Lady", still serves as the title referring to the President's wife. Could this "First Lady" title be directly related to the fact that Bucchanan was gay? It would be quite a historical revelation if, in fact, Bucchanan was gay. It would be a legacy that the Gay, Lesbian, Trans community could openly revel in. Imagine Bucchanan's sexuality holding the secret to such a revered title to the President's wives! It will never be known, but in my deepest thoughts, I'd like to think that the GLBT community has had that inpact on our Country's history. Any thoughts, comments out there on the subject?? Get as imaginitive as you can on the subject. I'd like to hear Oasis's members comments. Who knows, maybe there's a play to be written by you artistic, creative types! HOWIE

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I am SO gonna take this and

I am SO gonna take this and write something. Yeah, Pat, I know, I don't have life experience, I really shouldn't, etc. Whatever. I'll write a parody, okay? I'm good at those.

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The White House press Corps at the time referred to him as Betsy Buchanan.

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That's cool...well, okay,

That's cool...well, okay, it'd be cooler if he was a better president. If I'm remembering my history correctly, he was actually pretty terrible as far as presidents go, wasn't he?

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Bad President.

Terrible President, umm, not quite so good but not the worst, either. A lot of opposition in Congress, a lackluster work drive, but not the worst.

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So the term "First Lady" is

So the term "First Lady" is the original term for "fag hag"?

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i wonder how many times i

i wonder how many times i can spread this story before i get the crap beat out of me.......


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*shrugs* I don't see what's

I don't see what's so amazing about having a LGBT president, or for that matter, any other minority president, besides the fact that it would be earth shattering and would destroy so many barriers. Other than that, I don't care.

Someone's minority status doesn't make them a better person.

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but it does make that minority more accepted in certain situations.
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A group of historians

A group of historians reently got together to decide who the best and worst presidents were, and Bucchanan came in dead last. Ouch.

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Was Abe Lincoln gay, or is

Was Abe Lincoln gay, or is that a rumor?

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I don't know any proof

I don't know any proof either way, but thats why the video Gay Bar has a guy dressed as Lincoln in it.

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Up for debate...

Many people think he had a relationship with Joshua Speed.

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Gay President

"Earth shattering" and "destroy many barriers" sounds pretty amazing to me. Loved the fag hag comment!

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Eleanor Roosevelt?

And she was the second, eh?


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Sorry it's not so!

James C Buchanan Jr was never married < true, but not because he was gay! He had loved a woman and was engaged to marry her, however rumors were spread that he was also seeing another woman and his fiance' had called off the wedding, She died two days later. He vowed never to marry out of his love for her.
He did have a male room mate/secretary which was not uncommon in those days as women were to be in the house as wife/mother/cook (look out ladies its a fact of life from history)! His Secretary was later married and had several children (13 I think)! However it may look, He was NOT Gay...(Darn, we need some help like that)
The only President that is rumored to have had a male lover is Abe Lincoln. He had many rumors to that effect yet none have been proven to date that I am aware of. Now That would be a great revelation in our favor...the most popular president being Gay!
Check out the various Web sites if you need more information on this and other subjects.

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Thanks for the info. I love history, it fascinates me.

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Buchanan was once engaged to

Buchanan was once engaged to the same woman that Lincoln proposed to as well until I believe she ran off with another man.

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I think it's really hard to try to guess something like that because we'll never really know.
On the other hand though.. it is a fact that Iceland's new Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is openly gay.
Go Iceland.

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