Anger? Help!

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so...this is weird, and i don't know what causes it.

sometimes, completely out of the blue, i get really, really angry. like, lash out, hurt things/people, want to destroy something angry.

for no reason. i was biking with Em today, and all of a sudden, i had this huge burst of energy, and i HAD to get away from her, because i was about to be incredibly violent. for NO reason. we were just chatting, and joking around and whatever, and it just HIT me.

does this happen to anyone else? i know it's happened to me many times before...but it never really struck me how bad it is sometimes until today.

i get the same way when i have panic attacks (or at least, it's part of it), but more often, it just seems to happen randomly.

today, at least, i was able to walk away for a bit, and get myself under control (and thank you, Em, for not pushing me). but most times it happens, i wind up lashing out at some innocent person, and that just makes me angrier, cause then i feel bad.

so...anyonw have a clue? why it happens, what to do about it? anything at all?


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yeah i mean i get really,

yeah i mean i get really, really really angry sometimes too. and i dont know what to do with it. i dont want to tell anyone and it hasnt really affected anyone but me yet so its not a problem. i just think its probably stress related. like stress with any part of your life. at least thats how it is for me.

i got really angry today and i went for a really long run which helped until i came back in the house. so maybe do something you like to do or sports or something helps me.

hope you feel better !!!

truth it just like time it catches up and it just keeps going

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Er... Sorry, this doesn't

Er... Sorry, this doesn't happen to me, so I'm probably not the greatest source of advice.

But maybe it's like in Naruto! Like when all that crazy red nine-tails chakra leaks out. *GASP* Do you have a tailed-fox in you?!

Or maybe... You just have a lot of emotion, not anger per se, built up inside you. And it's leaking out, like that crazy red nine-tails chakra!

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sounds to me like a manic

sounds to me like a manic episode. are you bipolar?

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yep...happening right now...only i don't have u'r strength or u'r will to suppress it...i just channel it to one of my many undesireables and delight at making their life a living hell....after alll....everybody needs an enemy...keep em on their toes eh love?

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This is what Bull Dyke looks

This is what Bull Dyke looks like when she's angry.

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Well, it's good to know I'm

Well, it's good to know I'm not the only one that this happens to. I usually have some sort of trigger, but it's always something ridiculously trivial that I would normally not even notice. And yep, happens during panic attacks sometimes, too`. If I'm with people I just... eh, one has to hide and control it. And I've learned not to talk to anyone until it goes away. Generally end up killing the palms of my hands with my fingernails, but... eh. If I'm at home I go beat up a pillow, lol
Wish I could help

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Never had this issue, but it not having a trigger doesn't add up to me. It may not be immediate, but I have to think there is a cuase/effect in there somewhere, no?

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