Big Gay Out

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Went to the biggest gay festival in New Zealand today, for the first time.

- Really not into the culture behind it.
- I'm really uncultured.
- Gay guys can be snobs.
- Having guys check me out feels good.
- Leila is gorgeous.
- Asians are still naturally second class.
- I need to care less about image.
- Be less vain.
- Don't start looking or you'll become desperate.
- Boys boys boys... you win some you lose some.
- Was a learning curve.
- Confidence is attractive.
- Drinking brings about confidence.
- Gay guys can be intimidating.
- Play hard to get.
- People care about image.
- A congregation of good-looking guys is necessary to be respected more.
- Take two condoms not one.


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- gay culture? nobody is into gay culture...they just dont' know it yet.
- u'r a kiwi you needn't be cultured :P
-the worst snobs in the world are gay of life's great mysteries
- u'r hot...we check you proud
-who the fuck is leila?
-so true about asians, but they're still hot
-you have to care so much about image that it becomes effortless
-vanity is good and suits gay men quite well, in the right proportions
- amen to the desperate point, that's me right there...don't do it!
- boys are toys
- everything can be a learning curve, was this u'r first time with lots of gay guys or something??
-confidence is HOT, but a thin line between confidence and arrogance
- some of the most intimidating people in the world are gay guys :P
-people care about image indeed, trick is to make it effortless
-cock teasing is cock pleasing!
(yes i got those two switched around)
-good looking men are to be appreciated...not necessarily respected.
-don't take condoms...make him buy them.

LOL nice entry kiwi