Chest binding

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Okay, since people keep wanting to know about how I make my binders I'll write about it here.

First things first, you can actually buy binders, or make some from other things if your sewing skills are less-than-fabulous. Remember, ACE = BAD. Also, here's a guide for that stuff.

Okay, if you have a sewing machine, or patience, I'll tell you how I do it. You might need to change the pattern around because this is designed for me (a skinny B-cup) and I don't know how well it'll work for other body types.

First things first you need the right fabiric, now it has to be tough, but stretchy and breathable. Also, white is good because it won't show up under clothes, unless you've got super-dark skin then, I dunno. But it doesn't matter too much because these binders are far from perfect and you'll probably need to layer to get the desired effect. Joannes sells fabric around here, and WalMart does too but I have this hatred for WalMart... Because they suck. So go find someone better to buy your fabric from. ;) (Or just don't listen to me. I don't care.)

Also, I don't include hemming because, hemming is a pain, and I've got to replace these things often anyways. If you want to hem, be my guest. But I'm not explaining it here. XD;

Okay, so once you've got some fabric, measure around just under those horrible globs of fat that you want to squish down. You know, your rib cage. Then you want to cut that number in half, cut one piece that's that long and maybe, 8-10 inches tall, and a couple that are maybe an inch or two shorter, but the same tallness. Follow me so far?

Okay, so the long ways is the top and bottom, and the shortways are the sides, so nobody get mixed up.

Okay, and then you have to basically sew a tube. So just line up the edges on one side, and sew a line down the side of it. Then line the edges up on the other side and do the same thing. Okay, then I guess try it on and see how it fits, if it's not tight enough you can sew it closer, but after a point, sewing it anymore just makes it more of a pain to put on but doesn't make it bind any more effectively.

Once you've done that, sew some straps on. For this I just guestimate how long the straps need to be and sew them on so I can put my arms through them. These are important. If you decide you don't add the straps the binder will roll down and make you miserable. XD;

Ummm Yeah. Fantastic. I think that's it. I know it's horribly disorganized and unprofessional, and probably hard to follow. Sorry about that. But maybe it'll help? It's really not that hard.

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cool. since i'm banned from

cool. since i'm banned from ever using a sewing machine/needles (long story short, i put a needle through my finger), i think i'll ask my mom if she can help me make one...

thanks again! :D

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thats going to be helpful if

thats going to be helpful if im right. but why are ace bandages bad? i know they are.... i just don't know why.

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They're wicked constrictive

They're wicked constrictive and can cause rib damage, that's why. Stay away from them.

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To be fair, though...

What makes them bad for binding makes them good bandages, no?

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Yeah, but in the context of

Yeah, but in the context of binding they're a bad idea. :P

That's why they're sold as bandages and not chest compressors. :)

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also uncomfortable,

also uncomfortable, irritating, and they don't stay where you want them too. they wrinkle/bulge, and make it obvious that you're wearing a binder. UGH.

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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also, a tip for drag kings

also, a tip for drag kings like me...the site he posted is waaaaay helpful, not just for ftms. it's been hugely updated since i was last there. :D

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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My binding method

I don't have support from the family when it comes to packing or binding, they say its pointless...whole other rant there, but I have an easy and inexpensive way.

It works best for small chested guys. Go into the little girls' department in a clothing store and buy some shorts, they have gym shorts that work best a spandex type works best for smell. Cut out the crotch and put your head through. Its simple to put on and take off. Works better with layering, but its decent even in just a t-shirt.
I have to buy a medium if I want to have maximum movement, usually I wear these on days I am more active. Otherwise I wear a small, it makes me completely flat. I also suggest you get a color that is not neon bright...people tend to notice if its bright pink or neon blue. If you are a short armed guy you can get the little girl pants and have the legs as sleeves to make it look like you are wearing another shirt.