Contest: Win a copy of "Out of the Pocket"

Hey there, football fans! Hello? Anyone?

Just kidding.

If you read the review above and want to check out the book, one lucky winner will get...


First place winner: A signed, personalized copy of the book! sent to you from the author himself.

Second place winner: My review copy of the book. It's not brand new, but it was only read once, by me. :-)

Whoever wins first place will need to give me the name they want the book personalized to, and their address, so i can send that off to the author.

Winners selected, and notified by pm. If the winners don't write me back with where to send the book before March 6, I'll pick another winner.

Oh, and the girls taking me to task in my review will be happy to know we had one male winner and one female winner for this contest.


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sounds interesting.

kinda like an experience a friend of mine had in hs, since you know i was in that crowd. but why, jeff, are you assuming there are no footballa nd or sports fans on the site because you aren't one? lol. i talked to a lezzy tonight on here who0 couldn't stop talking about sports. lol

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I know how you love stereotypes, babe. All for you. ;-)

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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I like sports >.> Like track

I like sports >.>

Like track and field! And soccer! And X-C and alpine skiing! An X-C running!

I like American football too. But only watching it.

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Me too

I'd love a copy!