Damn :(

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...Theres this kid in my school. Hes a skater. Hes ehh ok looking but his teeth are disgusting xP. Anyways he is kinda funny but mostly violent and annoying :( He hits me alot...But thats not my point right now. Msg me if u REEEEEEEALLY wanna know about the hits bleh. ANYWAYS! He makes sex jokes and all the shit. I mean it can be entertaining but not really......He makes gay jokes....I usually block it out. I have been for...1 and 1/2 years now. Soooo a couple days ago he made a comment about if your gay you die or your worthless or some bitchy comment. I all of a sudden got reeeeeeally pissed. I wanted to punch him and tell him I was gay and all dat shit. But of course i didnt. His gay jokes usually talking about what happens in gay sex and shit. I dont usually mind them. The things that DO get me pissed are saying gays are worthless and stupid. Sooo....Yeah thats all i wanted to say now.
Bye bye *Waves*


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This guy sounds..er...scary

This guy sounds..er...scary as shit? Does that about sum him up? And honestly...i think you should avoid telling him your gay. He hits you. why would you disclose that fact to someone who is obviously not stable and already seems to have disrespect for people like us?

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Don't worry

He's just a freak. He makes gay jokes all the time. Even to me and he doesn't know I'm gay. Just blow if off like the rest of us do. And tell me when your gonna punch him. I'll help! <3

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Like hell Im gonna tell

Like hell Im gonna tell him!!!