Dark Knight

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this is the mental property of me: Shadow1992
Light burns through my darkness, searing me to the soul. The cold night embraces me, comforting in his silence. He pulls me quietly away from the Light, and she calls after me as I retreat. Quietly we run farther and farther, till we hear her no more. My friend the Night says he loves all his children, but I am the only one of which I know. As I walk with him the sun rises on the horizon, Light shines on me and she recognizes my heart, cold and empty. As Night sees I am immersed in Lights soft embrace, I burn, she is killing me so softly, so sweetly it hurts to breathe. When I awaken I see night’s soft arm, and I recall Light’s burning brand of love, I shudder, panic in my cold empty abyss of a heart. My love at my side until she comes for me in the morning, forever torn between two worlds.

i wrote this last year, in school. hope you all enjoy!


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Please rate my poem! i want to know what everyone thinks!

i think it is okay, . . .