Dear immigant.

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So, I love you. I love you a lot. You're pretty amazing. And I miss you. A lot. You're like, this perfect guy, who makes my life light up, but I never see you, which sucks balls.

I think at this point I need to clarify that I love you - I'm not IN love with you. Lol. Believe me babe, been there done that. Now I'm living in Platonic Place and couldn't be happier. You were right, all I needed was to get laid. My life is now about 43 times better. Of course, your advice is awesome but the delivery is shit. You'll never make it in the theatre.
I wish I saw you more, cos you have this ability to make things in my life just kinda....fall into place somehow. Or at least, not seem like the huge deal it did at first.

I think my best memories are from doing the play we did. I never stopped laughing. At that point, you were EVERYTHING to me. So yes, I was a little obsessive, but that's ok :) You were fun, and hated Australia. You had no friends in this country, and I became not only a good friend, but your best friend. And I felt lucky. I think you felt lucky too - we'd both found a complimentary person to hang with and laugh at the wankers in class with. But things were a bit deeper than that... we just clicked. Strongly. I've NEVER clicked so quickly and profoundly with someone before. So that was pretty cool for me.

But I've barely seen you since then, and we went through a bit of a rough patch. But things are cool again. Soon you'll be going back to the UK for 5 months, and will finally reclaim what you used to have - happiness. You'll have all your friends again and will fit in. And Steve will be there. Please, TELL Steve you love him. Heterosexuals will always be heterosexuals, and in my experience, you should tell him. Because then you'll be able to move on. And babe, it isn't fair to Shane. Shane loves you....and you've already put him through some turmoil recently. We won't bring that up again though, understandably.

So anyway....just felt like getting some stuff off my chest. You don't need to read this...which is why it's here, and not sitting in your inbox. I just wanted the universe to know what I've been thinking recently.

Love you man.