Dear You

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Dear You,

It makes me sick to think of you. I'm ashamed that this has grown so much. You know how some people say its not right to hate? Well I disagree. I hate you with a passion.
I'm ashamed that I have let you control me. You're so far away. Miles. States.
When I was in elemantary school they told us how we breathe the same air as people in China. It makes me sick thinking of breathing the same air as you. Even more that you are still breathing.
So why do I even bother wasting my time writing this. You will never read it.
I get you out of my life but you crawl back in in the form of my Mother. You have power over her and thats exactly how you like it. You get happiness out of others hurt and pain.
I'm done. But I will leave you with these words.. If there is anyone in this world that deserves to die the most horrible and painful death it is you.



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BITCHYNESS ALERT? why do you hate me? i, for one, love your style and if there is any thing i may do to change, TELL ME!!,(I HATE TO BE HATED!!)