Deep, deep questions...bring a shovel

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Is abortion ever acceptable?: yes, absolutely
Should the death penalty exist?: yes, but not as it is today
Do you believe in god?: no, but i think he might exist
Do you believe in ghosts/spirits/demons?: sorta
Do you believe in life on other planets?: yes, but our chances of finding it are next to nothing
Is gay marriage okay?: is this a trick question?
Should prostitution be allowed?: why not? hell, it should be taxed!
Are you okay with premarital sex?: no, definitely not! lol jk...if i can't get married, then how is it premarital sex?
What do you think is the best form of government?: democratic's far from perfect, but it's the best we've got (to paraphrase churchil, lol)
Do you support war?: some wars, like WWII, yes. and the troops, always
Is hunting okay?: for food, yes. for sport, not so much
Should drugs be legalized?: yes, and regulated and taxed
Do you believe that what goes around comes around?: sometimes
Do your support sex education?: hellz needs to be majorly expanded, too
Does race matter?: no
Do you think women and men are equal?: no, women are FAR superior!!!!! lol of course we're equal
Do you support adoption?: why wouldn't i?
Is terrorism ever justified?: against a government that is bad for the people, yes. after all, the US was founded on what might be concidered terrorism...
Is it sometimes okay to pull the plug?: yes, absolutely
Is censorship ever okay?: in the media, no. but sometimes, before it gets to the media,yes
Should guns be illegal?: only until people stop being stupid. well, sorta. i dunno...
What are your thoughts on suicide?: not good, but not a sin. sometimes, if you're dying anyway, it's a good thing
Do you believe in forgiveness or vengeance?: yes
Is the media worthy of being trusted?: wow...that's a tough one. i could write an essay about that...because really, it's not the media that needs trusting, it's the people who the media is talking to. i don't think that any media source is impartial (cept maybe the AP), but that doesn't make it, the short answer is, i'm not sure. but i don't think that the government should get to decide.
Does everything happen for a reaon?: yes, but not a cosmic one. just basic cause and effect...the kite flew away because you let go, you let go because a bug crawled on your leg, a bug crawled on your leg cause....we don't know why. there's always a reason.


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damn BD...

those were some deep q's. lol.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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i know, man!! srsly

i know, man!! srsly deep...i think i'm damp from hitting the water table. lolz

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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*trips and falls in the

*trips and falls in the deepness* helllllllllp!

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Oy, If I even asked ONE of

Oy, If I even asked ONE of those questions I'd hit the water table. Well, this IS Florida. You could kick the dirt and hit the water table.

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women are so not superior! im sorry...but so long as you have fishy smelling venus fly traps...and we have tastey lollipops....WE WIN!
and they all lived happily ever after
the end

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i beg to differ. women are

i beg to differ. women are equal to, if not better than men in all ways wheather you like it or not. lol. but srsly...

and on the gun issue, to quote a political cartoon *aims rifle* "you want my gun? come and take it!"

"Up your ziggy with a wah-wah brush!"
-All I wanna Do (good movie. see it!)

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ah, but our venus fly traps

ah, but our venus fly traps are so, so sweet...and your so called lollipops (pedophile!!!!!!!!!) leave a nasty aftertaste.

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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yeahhh, if you can't get married, it's not premarital. lol.

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sweet venus fly traps my ass!!! there's a reason we call you girls "lemons" and it's not because youre rounded and yellow and make good juice.
us they call fudge packers....chocolate stirrers...and personally...i like chocolate...and can safely say that U'R FACE IS AGAINST MY RELIGION!!! *HISS*

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Okay, women are superior...

Okay, women are superior... IF you don't count the fact that we don't have bizarre mood swings every period, we don't stop having the ability to have children (Okay, two things wrong with this statement, it's not true, and why am I bringing it up on a GAY FORUM?), and three, I'm biased cuz I'm a male.

My final arguement: FUCK YOU!!! *Runs away*

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well, tim, at least we don't

well, tim, at least we don't think with our dicks. :P (okay, some of us do, but NOT the point. :P)

adam, you're biased (and at least tim has the balls to admit it!). and for the record, i don't even LIKE chocolate!

and cool!!! my face is against your religion? that rocks!


"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."