Didn't get Ernst.

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So I'm disappointed. But that's theatre, right? I've been offered the role of Georg, but I don't know anything about him, and can't find anything. Can someone help me out with that please?
So the director seemed pretty sure I'd walk cos I didn't get Ernst...I may have spent a whole train ride convincing him that i deserve that role. This is the text he sent me:
"i know how much u had ur heart set on Ernst but i am going to cast you as georg. i think its a role suited to you because in this production there is going to be alot of chances for character development. think of it as a chance to create a character from scratch. i hope you accept this role. because we were all impressed by your talent and want you in this production. sorry again. if you have any questions, ask."
To me, the subtext is:
"Please don't be a diva and walk just because you didn't get the role you wanted. Georg isn't as crap as he first sounds. Please. PLEASE."
So I'll accept the role, albeit a little begrudgingly. I confess though that a lot of me wanting Ernst is because of the gay kiss. Cos the Hanschen is HOT.


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That's the theater, babe. A lot of people just got told they didn't get cast at all.

Also, if Hanschen is hot and gay, make out with him backstage.

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... is we talking about

... is we talking about Spring Awakening?
i saw it live last year, in nyc.

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We is, muffin, we is. But

We is, muffin, we is. But it's a production of the original play, not ze musical.

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the original, banned play? i

the original, banned play?
i would love to see that !!
even though my mother had her hand over my eyes half of the musical.
and georg is the one (if i remember right from the musical) that wants to screw his piano teacher... or something along those lines.

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Oh, fun! Plus I found out

Oh, fun!

Plus I found out that Georg is pronounced GAYORG.

It's kind of fitting.