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Last night I partied old school. Salt n Pepa, classic adidas was worn. It was pretty chill, hanging with some really cool people. Until a few extra people rocked up, and brought drugs with them. Like, ok yeah I smoke pot and I take E....but not as much as them. The night really started going downhill for me just because I was sobering up whilst everyone else was doing cones, doing tabs and E. Me and my mate Patty both didn't really make it a bit night, and we were sitting outside at around 2am when she was like, "I'm tired. And I don't sleep well that other ppls."
I'm the same, so i was like, "Dude, do you want to go home? Cos I'll drive."
So at 2.30 I drove home drunk. Well, like I said, I had sobered up by then but I'm sure there was still a quarter of a bottle of rum rushing through my body.
Soooo...that was a bit dangerous. And I didn't sleep anyway :P


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I'm glad you're still alive

I'm glad you're still alive :)

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you are lucky to be alive, and not in jail.
hugs from ferrets