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w00t!!!!!!!!!! i just bought a new album of Eddie Izzard!!!! i LOVE that guy!!!

i SO wish he was a queen, but, whatcha gonna do? lol

so, now i own everything by suzanne, and i think i'm gonna start on eddie now. :D

wee!! and now i have almost 10 gigs of audio on my ipod...which doesn't count the 49.75 gigs of video! lol

i'm going to need a new ipod sometime within the next year. for a coupel of reasons...1 being that mines almost filled up ('almost' meaning i've got 14 gigs free, and that'll prolly fill up soonish), and the second being that my current one is literally held together with duct tape.

i have a ghetto ipod!!! it still runs fine, mostly, but it has a tendency to randomly pause...which is VERY annoying.

so, there ya be.



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whoa. 14 gigs, filled up

whoa. 14 gigs, filled up very soon? jeeez, your love for music is amazing!
wellll, I have an mp3 player, and it's only 1 gig...so I have to interchange songs almost daily to what I feel like listening to that day, suckksss.
:P but at least it's not held together by duct tape.haha. hey, whatever works though!
have fun with your new music!

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well, soonISH. lol within

well, soonISH. lol within a couple of months, i'd bet. not just music...video too. lol

"I think some mistakes are meant to be made, because we can't help but hope that they won't be mistakes."

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that's so cool. my friend

that's so cool. my friend had a video ipod. thingy. I'm not sure the market name for it, but it was amazing .. she had tons of comedy on it. so entertaining. :). you'll have lots of fun with that!