Emergency Room Visit

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I visited the emergency room today...I had to be taken during school or else they would not have let me back in the building. Sigh. It took 3 and a half hours.
And finally...I'm not going to kill myself.
I feel happy. And complete. And loved.


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waa? O.o Why were you in teh

waa? O.o Why were you in teh emergency rewm?

"Reality is merely an illusion, allbeit a persistent one"

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I told my teacher today

I told my teacher today about suicide. And so she reported me. They called the police, the vice principal (the principal wasn't at school) and a lot of outside agencies. Then they calledmy parents, had them pick me up in the middle of the day and taken to the emergency room to be checked out, as in...to see if i am stable enough to be at home or if i need to go into 72hr observation period...


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Are you ok? No one should have to feel the need to commit suicide. What provoked you to think this? <3

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at least your over this stupid killing youself thing.

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Okay I see. .annnd am

Okay I see. .annnd am getting ready to read your message. ILY!

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yes. it was stupid. ILY

yes. it was stupid.

ILY too, Lehcure. Hey, we can be like the new Jmy and BD...want to?

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lol, I don't want children.

lol, I don't want children. but thanks :P.

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can i be the magic taking ferret that secretley controls you minds, bodys and souls?
just kidding, wouldnt want to interfere with you two

ferrets with flame throwers

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Oooh. Well, at least your

Oooh. Well, at least your teacher did the right thing. *hugs* :D

"Reality is merely an illusion, allbeit a persistent one"

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STAY AWAY FROM MY VALENTINE! nah Im just playing. :D If you have children i wanna be some kind of god parent or something.

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You did the right thing.

Eli, you did the right thing in telling somebody. Maybe now you can get the help you need. And at least you recognized that you should seek help. Life is not always going to be filled with anxiety. Life is not always fair. But life is a wonderful journey and if you don't give it a chance you will miss out on all the good stuff that eventually comes your way. Best of luck and God Bless.

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life is beautiful

by sixx am. it fits so i said it. now you listen to it.

Listen to the music around you, and live life. Never show fear, and you can do anything!

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Oh wow

Sounds scary....

I'm so glad you're feeling better, you had me really worried.

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I am geting help...and

I am geting help...and therapy. i'm seeing her again tomorrow. i'm fucked up right now ....or rather, doing better but was so close to ending my life earlier today

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If I'm not allowed to kill

If I'm not allowed to kill myself, then no one else is either!

You did the right thing, sweetie. I'm glad you're getting some help, too.



- Pat Nelson Childs
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